Telling Stories with Stagger: Layers

This week’s post on storytelling is told by Danielle Krischik, Chief Communications Officer of Knight Agency in Orlando, FL.

Danielle crafts stories for brands all over the world to help illicit loyalty, change and overall — emotion. This week’s post brings a unique look on how she sees Stagger breaking the mold in storytelling which in turn leads to more loyalty from your followers. Let’s dive in.

Tell your story in layers.

I’ve met people at the top of their game, running global companies, while facing deep insecurities. Leaders who drive business while battling life threatening illness. Employees who inspire others after realizing their own dreams. Over-comers and overachievers.

‘We all have a story’ isn’t exactly it. We are all made of many stories — the summation of which leads to a deeper understanding of who we are.

As Copywriter, Creative Director and now Chief Communications Officer, I’ve spent a lot of time with my laptop closed, pen down, listening. I’ve had the privilege of sitting with hundreds of employees, from CEO’s to frontline workers, while they reveal what gets them out of bed in the morning, what challenges they’ve overcome and what they aspire to become. Those layers are undeniable and not only do they allow for many spokes of human connection, they serve as underpinning truths for the larger brand story they represent.

Now here’s what you do with all this.

Tell your brand story in layers. This dynamic story approach enables relatability for different types people with different backgrounds and beliefs. And where it becomes magic is when it enables relatability for the different storylines within each person. More connection points lead to a deeper sense of loyalty.

Stagger is a brilliant tool to visualize the layers, allowing for the epic peaks and small quiet valleys of a brand story. It moves from the aged reliance on a single hero shot and over-played execution of a traditional collage to elegant floating chapters that carry a narrative in a way that is organic and human nature — an imperative in the age of more empathetic, more human brand creation.

Understanding that the human condition is naturally faceted and complex, tell your brand story in a way that invites and inspires connection on many levels. Seek out the different sides of the story — from overcoming to exploring to the challenge and the victory.

The most powerful form of engagement both inside the walls of a company and out among crowded consumer conversation is when you can create a space where people feel heard, seen and understood. So go beyond simply jotting down the differentiators. Make your brand a compelling, layered narrative you can’t put down.

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