Week 1 of “2020 Holiday-In-Review” Campaign

If there’s one thing we can learn from 2020, it’s that everyone is adjusting to something new in some part of their life. That’s especially true for this time of year. Holiday traditions look different. Family gatherings are digital. And when we look at the brands that are advertising their products, that’s changing as well.

Holiday advertising is in full swing. We’re hot off the heels of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday last week. This year, businesses are making changes and getting creative with their marketing and we’re about to see a shift in the way businesses are marketing.

What’s not changing is the strategic way smart brands are still utilizing their story and the stories of their consumers. Stories are at the center of memorable and relatable holiday marketing campaigns.

Let’s look at a PNW-based brand that is teaching us about making pivots in story-based marketing.

Chateau Ste. Michelle and #ChateauYourHolidays

Last month, a local Washington State winery Chateau Ste. Michelle based in Woodinville, WA premiered three separate advertisements for TV and web platforms under their ad partner Team One. Branded with a #ChateauYourHolidays hashtag, the campaign focuses on their new wine label bringing cheer to families in their “new normal”. This year has been tough on wineries, restaurants, and family gatherings. Chateau St. Michelle encourages consumers to dress up their holiday table and bid farewell to 2020 in style.

Cutting from scenes of men and women pouring their wine and getting ready, the narrator quotes “a bottle of Chateau Ste. Michelle is the perfect way to bring style back into your life for the holidays…” We land at a scene of everyone together at the dinner table when the narrator jumps in again. “…at least part of the way back”. The shot reveals that the family is “ready” from the waist-up. The family is dressed in the 2020 “Zoom attire” looking lovely from the waist and up while leaving things slippers and pajama bottoms on the bottom. See the full ad here. While the winery’s other two versions focus on the same theme with slight variations, the major message remains the same. Their customers are looking for ways to still make a traditional holiday seem magical, regardless of circumstance. That’s their story, and it’s Chateau Ste. Michelle’s as well.

Bring the Magic of Holiday Storytelling to Your Brand

Something we’re taking from this winery’s playbook is that there is no end to how specific a brand’s story-based marketing can get. As “on-the-nose” the Chateau Ste. Michelle ads are, the business hits a distinctive and specific cord with their audience through this campaign. The label is serving the gatherings of their PNW (and beyond) customers’ gatherings just like they always have. Most of all, their local feel is inviting.

When looking to create your brand’s next advertising campaign, focus on why your consumers come to you and trust you. Why do they choose you? What stories have they shared with you?

There’s a reason why your customers trust your brand and come back to it. Put their self-told story at the forefront of your messaging and attract those just outside your sphere of influence. These are customers that you have the opportunity to build brand empathy with.

How will you be taking some cues from this local brand’s story for your own brand’s existing story-based marketing?

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