Week 2 of “2020 Holiday-In-Review” Campaign

Continuing with part 2 in our two-part “2020 Holiday-In-Review” series, let’s look at some stats from our friends over at Criteo. This will help us better understand how the 2020 holiday marketing season can help influence your brand marketing for 2021.

Building loyalty with #smallbusinesses

Starting back in May of this year, Criteo sat down with 1,300+ Americans across the country to better understand the pivots they were already looking to make for the holidays way before new marketing materials for the season were released.

To no surprise, many of them shared their plans to give and/or discover digitally and e-commerce purchasing took top spot for 2020 consumer trends. While digital shopping is top of mind, many shared that they missed the experience of being in the store. Sixty-four percent to be precise. And 88% overall said that they would continue to purchase and send gifts and goods via e-commerce sites. Not a huge surprise given the year we’ve been dealt.

The consumer’s behavior during the events of 2020 have trended towards loyalty and will be no different through the holiday season. Criteo’s study indicted that on average 30% of consumers found new brands they had never heard of before and made purchases from small businesses specifically. Additionally, overall 83% of consumers indicated that they would be making recurring purchases from these small businesses in the future.

Adjust your brand to “the shift”

Let’s look at one last important trend shaping consumer habits this holiday season – lifestyle. Across the board, consumers surveyed revealed that their current lifestyle needed to pivot and that their purchasing habits reflected that. We’ll see a shift in gift giving this year that accommodates the #wfh and #DIY lifestyle that everyone has adjusted to.

Influence Central CEO Stacy DeBroff said “Sixty-one percent of all consumers have undertaken a DIY home project this year, so expect gifting in this category to be strong. Brands have a unique opportunity to market to these DIY-ers with an array of relevant products accompanied by inspiring online project ideas and step-by-step instructions.”

This is a big opportunity for brands who have stories to tell in categories like: homeschooling supplies, home gym equipment, new cooking gadgets, and so on. If you’re in the business of key activity niches, pay close attention to the ability to shape your brand story around your consumer’s experiences. This won’t go unnoticed from consumers looking to invest their dollars who they feel the most loyalty to.

Wrap up

How has your brand or platform been impacted by these 2020 holiday trends so far? Are you currently making a pivot for your audience’s behaviors through storytelling?

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