Why Marketing with a Story is So Important

I think we can all agree that times have changed, and it’s a crowd of competition out there. On average, there are tens of millions of content being created, and even more being shared every day.

But, what hasn’t changed is our inner need for connection. We still, at our core, are looking to tell stories and find similarities with the world around us. It’s the medium in which we exchange our stories that has changed.

So if storytelling is so important to our personal lives, and the entire reason why social media exists, why are our brands and companies not doing this as well? We’re unpacking how storytelling is shaking up the way companies around us market themselves, and why yours needs to be following suit.

Why a Story?

Marketing with a story, or story-based marketing, is the “secret sauce” to taking a step down from impersonal to more tangible for consumers. It creates connection. It’s having the ability to connect quickly and effectively with customers where they are most comfortable with your brand. And it’s crucial to today’s marketing.

At the same time, great storytelling works within existing brand marketing strategies because it allows consumers to get to know a brand’s personality, authenticity, and values. It gives them an opportunity to align their values with your brand’s.

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Making emotional and personal connections to the brands and businesses consumers interact with is an important part of whether or not they choose to support it. And, in an age where consumers are surrounded by a plethora of content, a strong brand story paired with a strategic brand marketing strategy can help set one company apart from its competition.

Why Storytelling Needs to Matter to Your Marketing Team

To recap, the three major reasons why story-based marketing belongs in your brand’s arsenal are:

1. Storytelling enables marketers to develop a deeper connection with the audience.

2. Storytelling is a powerful method for learning.

3. Storytelling can be an important tactical tool for marketers to engage with consumers in a world where there are already so many messages.

Remember, developing your story and what it tells about your brand is a process. Investing in the process early is so important. Great storytelling is not an overnight task. It takes work. Like our website says, it’s a work ethic. The goal of every story is for it to be memorable, resonating with consumers for days, if not years.

How are you looking to make a lasting impression on your audience with storytelling?

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